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According to a research, more than 30% people are accessing websites through tablets and handheld mobile devices in Australia. Increase in the usage of mobile phone has increased the demand of mobile friendly websites.

Desktop websites are designed for wide screens and have too much information which mobile users find really difficult to read. In addition, different mobile devices render (non technically read) a web page in different ways and in result show different out-comes on their screens i.e. a broken navigation design, a website that does not fit on mobile screen, images and sections displaced and small buttons making your life difficult. These non mobile friendly desktop designs create a need for a mobile specific website design which can be seen across different mobile devices across different mobile operating systems.

Our mobile website design are user-friendly, fit on small mobile phone screens, adoptive and responsive to devices screen sizes. Based on latest technology HTML5, CSS3 (media queries), our mobile websites have broad support for the vast majority smartphone, tablet, and e-reader platforms. In addition, feature phones and older browsers are also supported because of progressive enhancement approach used in web design.

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